A Dispersed Platform

Terms Of Service is a web of places where users can discuss and experiment with how they use digital services. It is dispersed among different pages in different platforms. The global network of apple stores are also in the web as physical hosting spaces that can also be used for visiting the digital spaces through store computers and iPads.


Initial nodes are created by “stranger accounts” - these are accounts that have no owners. These accounts simply provide pages for other users to interact on. Users can always continue to create nodes in order to grow and strengthen the platform.


The dispersed model gives the parasitic platform resilience in case some pages get blocked. As long as some pages are active, new pages can always be created and linked to it. A complete wiping of the platform would require a joint effort from all the hosting platforms.


Hiding vs. Obfuscating

Our relationship with these services is asymmetrical. They hold all the power. From such a position trying to shield yourself by being very vigilant about hiding your data can be a full time job. Obfuscation- generating a noise of false data, like you do when you are sharing a profile, can be a more successful tactic. It is a tool particularly suited to the weak.


Predictability as Compliance

What if we were less predictable as users? Tech companies constantly conduct research in order to better understand their users. User predictability generates valuable data, data that can be used to further a company’s grasp on the market.